About Us

Established in the year 2013 with the simple philosophy of ‘Doing What’s Right’, Provilac has grown to become a name that stands for all things pure & natural.

Or at least that’s what we believe!

Jokes apart, at Provilac, we’re not about doing different things, rather doing things differently.

We’re in the business of selling milk, but what sets us apart is our approach and outlook towards what we do. We don’t see milk as just a commodity. To us, it’s something that provides nourishment & sustenance. Hence we ensure that every drop of our milk is packed with all of its natural goodness right from farm to fridge.

And to make this a possibility our entire team works tirelessly, right from following stringent procedures at our fully automated plant that is planned and designed as per the International Dairy Standards (IDS) to delivering the milk to your home within 12 hours of it being milked and providing you with a simple yet comprehensive ordering, payments & after-sales system.